Collection: Great Felting Projects

Great Felting Projects

If you would like to purchase a felting project from one of the many owners of a Gentle Roller this is the page for you.

Here you will find a collection of great wet felting projects/tutorials. Some projects are specifically for Gentle Roller owners, others are generic instructions for any felt maker. It is not required that you own a Gentle Roller to make a purchase.

What you are purchasing is a set of instructions in PDF format including photographs and/or links to video files for the creation of the item shown. Check the details on the project summary to see what is included with your project.

The Gentle Roller Company is acting as an intermediary only. Once you purchase a project/tutorial any issues, questions or comments should be directed to the project creator who will be clearly identified by name and email address on the instruction sheet.

The Gentle Roller Company makes no warranty in relation to the instructions which are presented on behalf of the project owners. Issues with instructions should be referred to the producer as shown on the instruction sheet. GR Owners wishing to submit new projects please contact us for guidelines.
* Credit not redeemable for cash.