Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy (Warranty / Guarantee)
We don't have a complex legal document covering warranties or mishaps because if anything should go wrong, we want to work with you to make sure your Gentle Roller functions as described and is in full working order. Our policy is simple.
ALL Gentle Rollers are covered with a 2,000,000 cycles or 2 year guarantee/warranty* whichever comes first – yes, 2 million cycles or 2 years!
If you don’t use it much, your Gentle Roller is covered for 2 years!
If you use it commercially, your Gentle Roller is covered for 2 years or 2 million cycles, whichever comes first, just like everyone else!
And we’ll warrant every part of the machine. No exceptions.
The Gentle Roller has been designed with minimum moving parts, a robust design and minimum potential for failure. If something does go wrong, our goal is to help you fix it and get your Gentle Roller up and running in the shortest possible time.
Any failures are readily fixable with a replacement part and basic tools.
Should you have any issues with your Gentle Roller please contact us in the first instance at the address shown below. We will be happy to work with you to resolve the issue.

How we know the number of cycles
Your Gentle Roller PCB (the computer board controller of the machine) comes with a built-in cycle count and clock that tells us how many cycles you have done from your date of purchase and how many hours your machine has worked. The numbers are ‘hard coded’ onto a special chip every few minutes so the count is always up to date within a few dozen cycles.
If anything fails, we can recover the number with a few commands on the control panel and determine exactly how many cycles you have used your machine. The numbers are also recoverable even if your PCB fails.
Rest assured that should anything go wrong we’ve got you covered.

*warranty applies against faulty material and workmanship. It does not cover fair wear and tear, staining caused by wool or material dyes, unauthorized tampering with any part of The Gentle Roller or misuse.
Any questions can be directed to:


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