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Martina Stanislavova's - Magic Mountain Coat

Martina Stanislavova's - Magic Mountain Coat

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By Martina Stanislavova

This beautiful merino coat with pattern embellishment and a viscose sheen, will be a wonderful addition to any wardrobe and something you'll be proud to show-off.

Made using 4 patterned resists taken from my favourite coat. The laying is fairly easy but takes some time and patience, but the reward is worth the effort.

Some reasonable felting skills and experience using resists will help in taking on this project.

Gentle Roller or Generic Instruction: Specific Gentle Roller instruction but can be adapted by anyone with good felting and fulling skills.

Includes PDF Instruction: YES. Document with 30 photos.

Includes Video: No

Degree of difficulty (1 Easy -10 Very difficult): 7-8