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Joni Cornell's - A Wrap of History

Joni Cornell's - A Wrap of History

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By Joni Cornell

In this tutorial you will be using old cottons and voiles to create a patchwork carrier fabric, for a mosaic floral design drawn in wool roving and embellished with silk scraps and viscose velvets.

My fabrics have personal importance, but you can source yours from Opportunity shops.  The emphasis is on using what fabric you have on hand to felt with rather than investing in expensive silks.  It is an upcycling exercise of appreciating the old, mended and imperfect.

You will need some sewing skills and sewing machine for creating the patchwork carrier.  There is also some optional embroidery stitching on hard to felt bits such as sari braiding.

There are a couple of preparatory aspects, such as making samples to test your fibres for ‘background’ effect, as I show you how to strengthen fragile fabrics before felting.

Gentle Roller or Generic Instruction: Gentle Roller instructions albeit you can adapt for hand rolling.

Includes PDF Instruction: YES.  Document with 42 photos.

Includes Video: No

Degree of difficulty (1 Easy -10 Very difficult): 8