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Ellen Spring's Reversible Seamless Short Jacket

Ellen Spring's Reversible Seamless Short Jacket

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By Ellen Spring

This tutorial will guide you through the steps of making a reversible nuno felt jacket. Because the jacket is laid out using a template it is seamless and requires less table area to work. I have chosen bold colored merino wool and two types of silk for my piece. You can simplify your own if you choose to ( or make it MORE colorful!).

I like to make one side of this reversible jacket bright and busy and the other more calm- that way you can chose the side that suits your mood!

Gentle Roller or Generic Instruction: While I used the Gentle Roller for my project, anyone with a bit of felting experience can adapt the instructions.

Includes PDF Instruction: YES.  Document with 17 photos.

Includes Video: No

Degree of difficulty (1 Easy -10 Very difficult): 7-8