Gentle Roller Agents

 Head Office & Global Sales Office 
Joni Cornell
Website: Gentle Roller Company 
Facebook: thegentleroller
Agent / Demonstrator
USA (& Canada)
Jill Chadek
Web Site: Merino & Mulberry
Facebook:  MerinoAndMulberry
Bianca Vonk
Web Site:
Facebook:  TBA
United Kingdom
Caroline Merrell
Facebook:  carolinemerrellfeltmaker
Web Site:
Canada (& USA)
Sandra Barrett
Facebook:  Eye of the Needle Studio
Judith McKinlay
Facebook:  Felt Like It
We mostly sell online but we have a special offer for 'High Street" retailers to become part of the Gentle Roller team.
A customer asked recently what does an agent do?  In simple terms, the role of the agent is to perform demonstrations, hold workshops, provide information, attend exhibitions, and generally promote The Gentle Roller in their region. 
Whether customers deal directly through us or through an agent, all orders are placed on The Gentle Roller website. A distributor may carry stock for local deliveries but otherwise we despatch from China.
The Gentle Roller Company is still responsible for warranty and service issues but the agent will assist with those matters if required.  With customers in Australia & New Zealand, USA & Canada, UK & Ireland, all through Europe and Eastern Europe, South America and Asia, you can rest assured we can deal with any contingency on any continent.
If you can navigate the website you may not need the assistance of an agent.  If you want local support, guidance or information the nearest agent is there to help and support you.
 All enquiries are welcome.