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Ultimate Gentle Roller GR1400FD+SF+SFIR - wet felt rolling machine with Fulling Drum, Soft Feel Drive Roller and Soft Feel Idle Rollers

Ultimate Gentle Roller GR1400FD+SF+SFIR - wet felt rolling machine with Fulling Drum, Soft Feel Drive Roller and Soft Feel Idle Rollers

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Ultimate Roller Pack - GR1400FD+SF+SFIR 

Discover the ultimate power of innovation with our remarkable combination: the Gentle Roller, Fulling Drum, Soft Feel Drive Roller, and a pair of exclusive limited-edition Soft Feel Idle Rollers. 

To enhance your journey, we're delighted to include the sought-after limited-edition soft feel idle rollers as a complimentary addition, usually valued at $A370. But that's not all! We've also reduced the price by $A130, allowing you to enjoy a remarkable $A500 in savings from the recommended list price!

Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to ignite your creativity, pushing boundaries and achieving new heights. Our carefully curated collection of rollers is designed to empower you like never before. Elevate your craft, elevate your results—seize this exceptional value pack today and embark on a remarkable journey of exploration.

The Ultimate Roller Pack includes:
GR1400 - Gentle Roller wet felt rolling machine

Ideal for those using up to 48 inch (120cm) width materials. With all the standard Gentle Roller features:

All Gentle Rollers have the following features: 

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  • 3 idle rollers for side and top gravity loading. Safe for the user or prying little fingers, plus,

  • a firm feel drive roller, plus

  • 2 sets of accessory velcro straps for holding small or larger bundles.

Plus, behind the scenes:

    • The firm feel drive roller has an exclusive design double wall aluminium core drive roller for extra strength. Ideal for those making rugs and heavier items.

    • All idle rollers have an exclusive design aluminium core for greater stiffness and improved roller contact during felting.

    • All the drive and idle roller contact surfaces are sculptured self-skinning polyurethane with a cushioned feel while being robust and hard wearing.

    • Nuanced control over speed, forward and reverse rotations and number of cycles.

    • Quick flick security lock to keep your drive roller in place while working.

    • A multilingual display panel features 5 languages - English, French, Spanish, Italian, German.

    • High torque, low voltage motor that uses only 24 watts average power. The power pack is suitable, and certified, to use world-wide.

    • Low profile and narrow width, so it's not too bulky in your studio.

Read the FAQ's on the page menu tab above for regularly asked questions.

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FD – Gentle Roller Fulling Drum

  • The Gentle Roller is the only felting machine to offer a unique fulling drum with two accessory fulling bags

The fulling drum features an eye-pleasing shape, a large 'barn door' opening, plus built-in slide locks and finger grips for easier lifting. Highly recommended to complete the fulling of your pre-felt. Read here: What is a Fulling Drum?


SF - Soft Feel Drive Roller

The very popular Soft Feel Drive Roller. The softness of the polyurethane compound provides a cushioning effect under the felt bundle and gently increases the agitation of the fibres thus aiding the felting process. (Please read The Benefits of a Soft Feel Drive Roller)

Purchasing the soft feel drive roller at the same time as your Gentle Roller saves you money as we can pass on the freight savings


SFIR - Soft Feel Idle Rollers (2 Off)

For the felt maker who wants "everything!" This value pack also include two soft feel idle rollers for side loading. These are made of the same soft feel polyurethane as the popular soft feel drive roller. The soft feel material was specifically designed for light weight felts or embellished and textured items.

Using the soft feel idle rollers in combination with the soft feel drive roller gives superb results when making light weight felt.

This pair of limited-edition soft feel idle rollers, normally be valued at $A370, are included complementary. Combined with a $A130 price reduction, this value pack represents a $A500 saving on the recommended list price!


Read the FAQ's on the page menu tab above for regularly asked questions.   If you still have questions?  Contact Us Here


Price INCLUDES air freight to your door. 98% orders delivered in 5-15 working days. Inc GST for Aust. VAT will be calculated by your local Customs Office and advised to you before delivery. Usually VAT is around 30% lower than your country's standard rate.

If you wish to pay by "bank transfer" or "direct deposit" please contact us to obtain our bank details for your area. We can also accommodate progressive payment plans - please enquire.

While shopping you can also help the planet 

The Gentle Roller wet felt rolling machine

The Gentle Roller wet felting machine

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