Fulling Bag Pack

$30.00 AUD
Air-freight to your door is included. Excludes VAT. Includes Aust GST.

The exclusive Gentle Roller Fulling Bag helps protect your pre-felt item when it is in the fulling drum and minimizes tangling.

Made to fit your fulling drum and accomodate your felted item, two packs are available:
FB1100Pack - with small (nom 700mm) and medium (nom 1100mm) fulling bags, and
FB1400Pack - with small, medium and large (nom 1400mm) fulling bags.

If ordering Fulling Bags at the same time as your new Gentle Roller please use the (w/GR) prices.  The price difference reflects the handling savings we achieve sending it with your new purchase.

If ordering only Fulling Bags please order using the full price unit.   If you only want one size please use the contact us page and tell us what you are after.