The Gentle Roller - Whatever Type of Felt You Make

The Gentle Roller wet felting machine is versatile and capable of handling various types of felt. It can accommodate:

  • Finest nuno felts created with superfine merino and delicate sheer carriers.

  • Heavy and large felts, whether it's a wall hanging or an eco sheep fleece rug.

  • Playful pieces or functional wearables made using resist techniques.

  • Flat wall art pieces as well as sculptural and 3D items like shoes, hats, bags, and vessels.

  • Textured felts incorporating scrunched fabrics such as paj, sari, or Margilan, along with surface embellishments like silk naps or cellulose fibers, or chunky inclusions.

  • Laminating Mulberry or Kozo papers to merino wool.

  • Exhibition pieces that push boundaries and showcase artistic creativity.

The Gentle Roller wet felting machine is a versatile tool that supports artists in exploring diverse felting techniques and materials. Whether it's delicate and intricate work or bold and experimental creations, the machine provides the reliability and adaptability needed to bring these artistic visions to life.


Whether you make fine nuno felts, textured felt, heavy felts, felts using a resist, unusual shapes or 3D objects, the Gentle Roller wet felt rolling machine can make your felting life easier.

View examples of the beautiful creations made by Gentle Roller owners at the Photo Gallery or Video Gallery