The Gentle Roller - More Unique Attributes

    1. The firm feel drive roller has an exclusive design double wall aluminium core drive roller for extra strength. Ideal for those making rugs and heavier items.

    2. All idle rollers have an exclusive design aluminium core for greater stiffness and improved roller contact during felting

    3. All the drive and idle roller contact surfaces are sculptured self-skinning polyurethane with a cushioned feel while being robust and hard wearing.

    4. Nuanced control over speed, forward and reverse rotations and number of cycles.

    5. Quick flick security lock to keep your drive roller in place while working.

    6. A multilingual display panel features 5 languages - English, French, Spanish, Italian, German.

    7. High torque, low voltage motor that uses only 24 watts average power. The power pack is suitable, and certified, to use world-wide.

    8. Low profile and narrow width, so it's not too bulky in your studio.

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