The Benefits of Using a Second Drive Roller

If you are a highly productive felt maker having a second drive roller allows you to increase your felting efficiency by up to 100%*

The Gentle Roller frees up all the time you would normally spend rolling felt, yet many users do not make use of this free time to be productive.  It can leave you thinking that the rolling is taking a long time because you are just waiting.

If you like to stand around while The Gentle Roller is rolling one item, having two drive rollers allows you to work multiple pieces concurrently and virtually double your output.

The process is simple.  Lay-up your first item and prepare it on the drive roller.  Begin to lay-up your second item.

As you get close to finalizing the second lay-up place the first item on The Gentle Roller and set it on its first set of cycles.  Now continue to prepare your second time on the second drive roller.

When your first item finishes its cycle count, take it off The Gentle Roller and start the second item on its first set of rolling.  While the second item is rolling; unroll and inspect the first bundle; wet it, soap it or simply take it up from the opposite direction on the drive roller.

When the second bundle finishes its cycle replace it with the first bundle.  And so on, while one bundle is rolling, you work on the other bundle, wetting, soaping and re-rolling as necessay.  

You can work this way with making multiple items at the one time, or with different parts of a two-piece garment on each roller.  When you work with two drive rollers you're no longer sitting around in a daydream (even though I consider this being creative too).  You can be in constant motion inspecting, wetting, hand touching, and preparing the felt on one roller; and as you ready one piece, the rolling cycle of the other is just coming to an end (or it is waiting) to be swapped.

The Gentle Roller won’t be rolling any faster, but you will find yourself working much more productively and efficiently (if that is your objective) and your “waiting” time will reduce dramatically.


(* compared with using only one Gentle Roller drive roller.)


The Gentle Roller wet felt rolling machine

The Gentle Roller wet felting machine