The Artist's Skill is Retained

The Gentle Roller felt rolling machine does not take away from the skill of the artisan.  If anything it enhances the opportunity for the artist to achieve greater output and improve their work.
If you make felt, your skill is in the lay-up and design of your work. 
At its basic, the Gentle Roller felt rolling machine simply reduces your labour time.  It gives you more time for leisure or more time to concentrate your efforts on the important work – like creating the next masterpiece.
The expert can also utilize the nuances of the control panel and their knowledge of material behavior to obtain the best results and keep their craft at the top of its game.
If you are a hobbyist or novice, the Gentle Roller felt rolling machine will allow you to roll good consistent felt, as you hone your skills.
Everyone benefits, as the Gentle Roller felt rolling machine allows you to felt longer, as it removes all the back strain of the rolling operation.

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