The Gentle Roller - Safety First

The Gentle Roller wet felting machine prioritizes safety above all else. Unlike traditional machines with three rollers, the Gentle Roller introduces a unique and patented drive system that eliminates burdensome screwing and potential accidents.

With conventional machines, the felt is rolled within a triangular shape created by two bottom rollers and one top roller, which needs to be constantly screwed up and down for checking the felting progress. This process is time-consuming and inconvenient. Furthermore, the pressure created by the screwed down roller in a single direction rotation fails to effectively create felt and poses risks of entangling fingers, hair, or clothing.

To address these issues, the Gentle Roller employs a different approach. The wool or fabric pre-felt is wrapped around a specially designed drive roller, positioned between two or three idle rollers. The Gentle Roller then oscillates in a cyclical forward and reverse direction, mimicking the hand rolling technique.

Unlike traditional machines, there is no need for screwing down clamps as the idle rollers rely solely on gravity. They are strategically placed to optimize the loading on your felt. In case stray fingers enter the rolling material, the idle rollers simply move aside, ensuring safety. Moreover, the unique oscillating motion of the Gentle Roller repels anything drawn toward the roller in one direction.

One of the key safety features of the Gentle Roller is its ability to allow the removal, replacement, or adjustment of idle rollers while the machine is in motion. Additionally, a safety cut-out on the computer board automatically stops the machine if anything gets stuck in the rollers, ensuring no damage to the Gentle Roller or the computer control system.

With its emphasis on safety and innovative design, the Gentle Roller wet felting machine revolutionizes the felting process, offering a secure and efficient solution.