The Gentle Roller - Nuanced Control

The Gentle Roller wet felting machine offers a level of control and nuance that matches the skill and expertise of the artisan. In contrast to rudimentary machines with limited control options, the Gentle Roller empowers felt makers with precise adjustments and customization.

Many felt rolling machines lack control options beyond simple "On/Off" or "Stop/Start" functions. They may have forward or reverse capabilities, but they lack the nuanced forward/reverse oscillation cycles found in the Gentle Roller.

The Gentle Roller caters to the needs of felt makers by providing a computer-controlled display panel, designed and manufactured in Australia. This panel allows users to select and control various parameters, including:

  • Roller speed

  • Number of rolls to be completed

  • Number of forward rotations

  • Number of reverse rotations

Loading adjustments can be made using the unique pivot hook mechanism, while the felting time can be fine-tuned by selecting the appropriate number of rollers, speed, cycles, and motor delay time.

The Gentle Roller wet felting machine is as versatile and adaptable as the felt maker using it. Regardless of your felting style or the type of felt you create, you have full control over the machine's settings to suit your specific requirements.

By leveraging your own style, special tips, techniques, and personal experience, you can achieve the best possible outcomes with the Gentle Roller. It should not be underestimated despite its gentle-sounding name. This felting companion is capable of producing a wide range of results, from the softest, lightweight nuno scarves and wraps to layered garment materials like jackets, and even heavier materials surpassing industrial carpet weight.

With the Gentle Roller wet felting machine, artisans have a powerful tool that puts them in full command, allowing for the utmost precision and control over their felting process, resulting in exceptional creations.