More Detail About Your Gentle Roller

The following details apply to ALL Gentle Roller wet felt rolling machines.

The Gentle Roller models that begin with the number 'GR1400' are ideal for owners using 48 inch (120cm) width materials. Models beginning with 'GR1100' are ideal for those using 36 inch (90cm) width materials.

1. Gentle Roller wet felt rolling machine - Control Housing.


This easy-to-use push button control and display allow you to set;

  • the forward rotations from 0-3.00 rotations,

  • the reverse rotations from 0-3.00 rotations,

  • the speed from 50%-100% and,

  • the number of cycles you wish to complete during the current run 50-1000 cycles.

These options allow you almost infinite controllability of your Gentle Roller depending on your felting needs. 

The Gentle Roller is the only wet felt rolling machine that truly replicates hand rolling with its patented oscillating action which gives you consistent felting every time.  While we recommend the built-in oscillating drive motion for most occasions, it is possible to select the basic one-way rotation for very large or awkward items.

It comes with factory preset settings that you can revert to at any time, or you can select and save your own default settings based on your felting needs.

You are not stuck with a selected setting.  Say you begin at 50% speed; you can adjust it to 100% speed while the Gentle Roller is in motion.  In fact, you can change any variable while the Gentle Roller is in motion and the Gentle Roller will adjust automatically.  There is no need to stop and change settings.

The multilingual display panel features 5 languages - English, French, Spanish, Italian, German.  The high torque, low voltage motor uses only 24 watts average power.  The power pack is suitable, and certified, to use world-wide and comes with a wall plug designed for your location.


2.  Gentle Roller wet felt rolling machine - Roller Housing or Roller Assembly.


This comes complete with;

  • 3 idle rollers (note: photo shows only the 2 side idle roller) plus,

  • a firm feel drive roller,

  • a set of six accessory velcro straps for holding larger bundles.

The idle rollers are loaded on the sides and top of the felting (size permitting) and are held in place simply by gravity. There are no pressure clamps to worry about which means that they are very safe for prying fingers, in fact, you can remove, reset, or otherwise handle your idle rollers with perfect safety while your Gentle Roller is in motion.

The idle rollers come with a unique aluminium core that ensures maximum contact with the drive roller, and a unique polyurethane patterned cover to increase the agitation of your felting.

The drive roller holds your felting in place.  All Gentle Roller wet felt rolling machines come with a firm feel drive roller which is ideal for all sorts of garments, 3D objects, items with resists, thicker and heavier items like rugs.  In fact, it can do anything including light weight felted items.

The firm feel drive roller comes with a unique double wall aluminium core for extra rigidity which make it perfect for heavier felts and rugs as it will not bow or deform under the weight of your felting bundle.

However, if you are looking for a roller specifically designed for light weight felts you cannot go past the soft feel drive roller.  

The softness of the polyurethane compound provides a cushioning effect under the felt bundle and increases the agitation of the fibres as it oscillates back and forth under the idle rollers.  

The soft feel drive roller is optional on the basic packs but is included in all the Gentle Roller value packs. 

Read: The Benefits of Using a Second Drive Roller and also The Benefits of a Soft Feel Drive Roller.  

There is also a quick flick security lock keeps your drive roller or fulling drum in place while working.


3.  Gentle Roller wet felt rolling machine - Unique Fulling Drum.


The fulling drum features an eye-pleasing shape, a large 'barn door' opening, plus built-in slide locks and finger grips for easier lifting.

If you only do the lightest weight scarves, then maybe you are happy to full by hand.  But if you need to throw and manhandle your fulling, then the fulling drum is highly recommended to complete the fulling of your pre-felt.

Read here: What is a Fulling Drum?

Your fulling drum comes complete with accessory fulling bags.  Small and medium for the GR1100FD models and small, medium and large for the GR1400FD models. 


The Gentle Roller wet felt rolling machine

The Gentle Roller wet felting machine