4. All About - The Drive Roller and Idle Rollers

Learn about why there are apparently 'cracks' in your roller, what to do if your roller is too long, how to load/unload your drive roller and what to do if your motor spins but your drive roller doesn't.
The Owner's Manual Part 2:   Key Components of your Gentle Roller  has several pages dedicated to the drive roller and idle rollers.  

Key Notes for this video:  Why not to worry about gaps, what to do if your drive roller is too long.
Key Information on this video:   Roller high spots, roller gaps, trimming the drive roller pin, also a tip if your hex drive keeps falling out.
NOTE:  Ignore the comment about flexing idle rollers and pvc tube.  From the 2020 model onwards, the idle roller has aluminium tube and will not flex.  Also, you can straighten a bowed PVC roller and you'll find a video for that in the Gentle Roller Blog.



Key Notes for this video:  A quick explanation of how to remove your drive roller from the roller assembly - take the weight of the drive roller, mover it to the left, move it to the right, LIFT at right.  Or to keep it simple - Left, Right, Lift at Right.
Key Information on this video:   Correct technique for removing the drive roller, and a fix if your hex keeps falling out.



Key Notes for this video: What to do if your motor is turning but your roller isn't. 
Key Information on this video:   Fixing a loose plastic hex.



Key Notes for this video:  This is an old video recorded in 2017/8 but it reinforces comments made above. 
Key Information on this video:   Gaps in your roller, swarf, general discussion.


You will find more videos on the Gentle Roller Blog.  Including, adding weight to your idle roller and how to fix a bowed drive or idle roller (applicable only if you have PVC cores).

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