3. All About - The Motor Controller

Learn all about how to control your Gentle Roller and what the buttons do on the motor controller.

Key Notes for this video:   If you are fulling with the drum only use the fulling (rumbling) option from the main menu - do not use the felting (rolling) options.   I spend quite a bit of time talking about 'parking' the fulling drum.   Please note that as I mentions at 14:07, the park isn't necessary as you can manually rotate the drum at any time to get the doors uppermost.
Key Information on this video:   4 setting - Speed, Cycles, Forward and Reverse, how to change settings, off-setting Fwd and Rev, maximum and minimum settings, getting into the default settings, one-way rolling settings, parking the motor.


Key Notes for this video:   Another video on one way rolling (rotation) for those that are in a hurry to find it.  
Key Information on this video:   One-way rolling settings.

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