Aesthetic Appeal

The Gentle Roller is designed for the felt artist to use in his/her felting studio. 
Nearly two years of development went into designing a fail safe unit with minimum moving parts and a slim and streamlined look. Other felt rolling machines with their industrial factory designs don’t belong in a fibre artist’s studio.  They should be located in the garage, operated by men in grease coats or laboratory coats or kept secured behind a safety cage. 
We have moved away from the ‘industrial’ felting machine, we've eliminated the ugly screw down knobs and clamps.  Gone are the winding mechanisms, exposed motors, chains or pulleys.  Most felt makers' studios are filled with colour and soft fabrics. 
We wanted the Gentle Roller to fit into this studio environment.
The slimline design makes it suitable for a narrow bench top, and requires minimum height. The spill tray catches any water drops, the motor is hidden out of sight, the rollers are soft polyurethane and pleasant to handle and the display menu is bright and easy to read and use. 
The Gentle Roller felt rolling machine looks like it belongs.

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