6. All About - Odd Stuff and Miscellaneous

A few bits and pieces that had nowhere to go.


Key Notes for this video:  The "Machine Noise Levels" video that follows is from the first production run.   It shows old colours and the original fulling drum design - this is NOT the current fulling drum.
We have left the video here primarily for the 'noise' recording at the start of the video (and as a trip down memory lane!) 
Key Information on this video: As quiet as a library. 


Key Notes for this video: Introducing the fulling bag.  These were designed to help minimize tangling when using the fulling drum.  Don't worry about Joni quoting prices - we give the with our compliments to all GR owners.
Key Information on this video: Fulling bags. 



Key Notes for this video: We created these ties to hold heavier bundles.   You'll get 6 pieces free with every GR. 
Key Information on this video: Elastic straps or velcro ties. 











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