1. Assembling Your Gentle Roller

Congratulation on the purchase of a Gentle Roller.  When you receive your GR the cartons will contain two packing lists which identify, and name, the components you should be receiving.  If these are not present in the cartons, you can download them here:


Roller Assembly Carton Packing List (warm blue)


Roller Assembly Carton Packing List (cool green)


Fulling Drum Packing List (warm blue)


Fulling Drum Packing List (cool green)


There is also an online Owner's Manual which is divided into three downloadable documents.

It is not necessary to download Part 1 as this is also covered in following videos which most users find easier to use. However, it is highly recommended that you download and read Parts 2 and 3. These contain valuable information and tips, and you will definitely gain more understanding of your Gentle Roller if you read these resources first.


Part 1: Setting up your Gentle Roller


Part 2: Key Components of your Gentle Roller


Part 3: Comprehensive User Guide



And when you are starting, or if you are having difficulties, here is a bonus page just for good measure:

When the felting gods are against me!

Next, work your way progressively through the following videos and your introduction to the Gentle Roller will be trouble free.

Apologies for the picture/sound quality but we are confident that you can follow the required steps.


Another video on one way rolling (rotation) for those that are in a hurry to find it.  


Now check the Section 2 - The Drive Roller and Idle Rollers and Section 3 - Felting / Fulling on the Gentle Roller.