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Jill Chadek's - A to Z Reversible Garment Making

Jill Chadek's - A to Z Reversible Garment Making

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By Jill Chadek

How to create a custom, reversible, seamless, felted garment from measurement to final fit.

A step by step tutorial creating a reversible jacket featuring a floral vine on one side and dyed silk with a hanky technique for the reverse. You will learn sample making, calculating shrinkage, taking measurements, using the measurements to create a template, creating a felting pattern resist, felting and fulling the garment, and proper finish and fit.

In learning these skills you will have the knowledge to create any style and size of pattern. I share many tricks and tips - even creating a hidden pocket!

Gentle Roller or Generic Instruction: Generic Instructions.

Includes PDF Instruction: YES.  49 pages with over 60 photos and diagrams.

Includes Video: Yes. 7 Videos

Degree of difficulty (1 Easy -10 Very difficult): 7-8