All-purpose Drive Rollers

Your Gentle Roller comes complete with an All-purpose Drive Roller.  It is a self-skinned, soft feel polyurethane roller designed for holding your felt bundle.  They are designed to last a lifetime of felting under normal use.  (They will stain if exposed to dye). 

If you are a prolific felter, or looking for maximum efficiency when felting, you can add a second drive roller to increase your felting efficiency by up to 100%.   Read here:  The Benefits of Using a Second Drive Roller.   There are two options for an second or accessory drive roller:   A second All-purpose Drive Roller or a Super-Soft Drive Roller.   

If ordering an All-purpose Drive Roller at the same time as your new Gentle Roller please use the (w/GR) prices.  The price difference reflects the handling and freight savings we achieve sending it with your new purchase.

If ordering only an All-purpose Drive Roller please order the full price unit.