Carolyn from NSW Australia

Carolyn from NSW Australia

My name is Carolyn Kohler and I live on the beautiful south-east coast of Australia.

I first discovered felt making back in 2008, watching a demonstration with a group of Steiner mums. It was ‘love at first sight’ and I have been making felt ever since. I still find it magical to be able to craft my own fabric in whatever colours and textures I desire. 

I have always been attracted to creating wearable pieces. My early days were all about designing large wraps that featured flowers, particularly Australian natives. It was all about being ‘wrapped in art’ and my pieces made their way to markets, galleries, boutiques and exhibitions.


Coats and jackets became my next obsession. Such fun! And so much hard work. Opening my own gallery inspired me to create other fashion accessories …. bags, hats, jewellery… this amazing medium offers so many prospects. Living where I do, surrounded by stunning natural beauty, I am always inspired to create.

Following a serious car accident in 2012 I had to reassess and readjust. Creative frenzy was replaced with a slower, more meditative process. Joni was one of my early inspirations when following the making of her ‘battle-coat' so, when I discovered the Gentle Roller, it was an easy decision to take the plunge and incorporate the GR into my felting regime.

These days I sell my pieces (at my own pace) at a lovely local gallery and only exhibit once or twice a year.

The Gentle Roller is my go to when my back is aching, or chronic fatigue has me in its grip. It enables me the time to rest between rolls and sit at my desk creating jewellery to compliment my creations. Whilst I do still love the larger pieces, these days I don’t make as many and spend more time on the details …. stitching, eco- dying and embellishing.

I am currently working on pieces for an exhibition at the local Botanic Gardens and find myself going back to my beginnings creating unique wearable art wraps detailing local native flora. I enjoy spending time researching the details for each garment and contemplating the lay out to best highlight each design.

I am very fortunate to have a light filled studio space within my home. It is my retreat from the everyday. I look forward to many more years of creativity. 



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Beautiful pieces, radiating love and joy!

Alena Vyborna

Your post is very inspiring enough to want me to drag out the wool and the old roller blind and get felting

Carol Wade

Amazing stuff Carolyn, can’t believe you use to do this in the garage. You are very talented.


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