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Thank you Philip.  I have looked for a felting roller for a few years…always too big & commercial. Thank you for this creation.  It is the best adaption to meet my needs.  Mary Anne - USA - May 2022
The 3 packages arrived last week and the tracking was brilliant. I have usually had long delays in both shipping and customs when I have purchased from overseas but yours was fast and efficient so thank you very much.   The links you provided with information and videos are brilliant, once again thank you.   Audrey - UK - May 2022 
Thanks Phillip!  LOVE this machine. I’ve made about 15 felt wall hangings in the past year, and will be making about 10 more before August for an exhibition/fundraising event. It’s been a life saver … could not have produced that much without it!  Carol - USA - May 2022
Dear Philip, thank you for your brilliant communication! The beautiful GR is already here unpacked, I am really exciting to try it out ! Mats are also beautiful, thank you very much. best regards. Martina - Slovakia - April 2022
Congratulations on such a well designed machine. Deb - Australia - April 2022
Just letting you know the motor arrived yesterday! Thanks again for your awesome service! Jackie - Canada - Mar 2022
I've just used mine for the first time. I'm arthritic and usually rolling is so painful, however, I'm sat having a glass of wine celebrating the fact that my felt is way better than usual and I'm pain free.  So good.   Bev - Australia  -  Dec 2021
I just got a call from my husband that our Gentle Roller has been delivered (in 7 days). This is really unbelievable. I am so happy.... Meanwhile my daughter has moved (emigrated) to the USA on August 31st and I have yet to get a card, a letter or a parcel from my front door to her front door (or) the other way around.... Anyhow, thank you very much and we will keep you posted on our progress with the Gentle Roller.   Gusta   -  Netherlands  -  Dec 2021
Having neck issues from 25 years in the dental field, this machine helps keep me inspired to felt knowing I won't ache when done with a creation. Each time I don't use it, I wished I had.   Stacey Colgan  -  Aug 2021
Great machine!     Judith  -  USA  -  Aug 2021
Loving using my machine.    Denise  -  Australia  -  Aug 2021
Worth every cent I’d say, well designed and top quality I love mine.   Rhonda -  Australia  -  Aug 2021
just a short note to let you know how tremendously happy I am with the (Gentle Roller)! It is really fantastic. yes, I really am pleased, a lot!!! A beam of light in this disastrous time.    Isabella  -  Austria  -  Aug 2021
Dear All, What fantastic service!    Ilena  -  Australia  -  Aug 2021
That was crazy fast! Very impressive! Thank you for the information links!    Susan  -  USA  -  July 2021
With quite a lot of help from Philip at The Gentle Roller Company, I have made good progress … AND I have avoided spending countless hours and expense of re-making all the mistakes it normally takes when doing something differently.  So, A Big Thank You to Philip for Making the Gentle Roller.    Alex (fellow inventor repurposing the GR)  -  NZ  -  July 2021
Layed out a few nuno scarfs on different fabrics and got the gentle roller going. Lots of fun, learnt a lot, the machine is excellent, and my husband thinks so to.    Donna  -  July  -  2021
My partner who is into tools and machinery is really impressed by the technology.  Thank you for all your hard work and inspiration.     Joan  -  USA  -  April 2021
My gentle roller arrived and was set up yesterday. Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service. So much sooner than expected. Now for a day of experimenting!     Jen  -  USA  -  Feb 2021
Thank you so much!  Thank you for the time you invested in this. Excellent customer service.  I am loving your company more and more!     Sara  -  April 2021
I love the gentle roller especially for very large projects.  I don't know what I did without it.  I will be at the symposium for felt feutre in August they will have one there.  I will recommend your excellent product and service … Eleanor  -   Canada  -  Feb 2021
Great, you are absolutely the hero of customer service - thank you so much!    Eleanora  -  France  -  Feb 2021
I’ve only used the GR 3 times so far and really loving it.  Here are a few quick pics of the wall hangings I’ve made using the GR    Cheryl  -  USA  -  April 2021
I ordered my Gentle Roller on Tuesday at 3.20pm and it just arrived (Friday).  What fabulous service, thank you!  I've already used the machine twice.  Works great, though still learning stuff about how to use it best.  Your videos and instructions are a big help!     Robyn  -  USA  -  March 2021
Just to say that I have done a trial piece of felting on the Gentle Roller and am very pleased.  The first attempt isn't brilliant, but I can see that with practice things will improve.  I am delighted how much physical effort the machine will save me, particularly as I have shoulder problems and manual felting is too painful now.    Diane  -  UK  -  June 2021
My hubby helped me to assemble the Gentle Roller and is very impressed with the design of the machine, approving my purchase of the GR.  I am looking forward to getting my teeth into using the GR.  Thank you for inventing it - brilliant.    Diane  -  UK  -  June 2021
My Gentle Roller is arrived yesterday.  Everything works perfect.  Thank you.  I try felt something today.  I will send you foto.    Monika  -  Slovakia  -  May 2021
The new motor arrived a few days ago and I was able to get to it.  It fits perfectly.  I had zero issues assembling.  Everything works perfectly I am loving it.    Katherine  -  USA  -  May 2021
You have been fantastic to work with me on payments.  I'll let you get back to being busy, I know people are loving your roller.  Always much thanks,    Karen  -  Australia  -  2021
Thanks very much for your work. You're the most popular (and productive) folks helping fiber artist today!!  With thanks,    Jane  -  USA  -  Apr 2021
I received my machine and gave set it up and so far love it.    Selema  -  USA  -  April 2021
My Gentle Roller just arrived!  That was amazingly fast.  Thank you.    Pat  -  Canada  -  March 2021
You have created a wonderful machine.    Rhoda  -  UK  2021
I love the machine!  Its changed my life (literally – I have so much extra time now and no bad back!). All the best to you.    Julie  -  UK  -  Jan 2021
I've already used the machine twice.  Works great, though still learning stuff about how to use it best.  Your videos and instructions are a big help!    Sandra  -  USA  -  Feb 21
Hee!  Why, thank you, Phillip!  I'm in the middle of watching the demo for the nuno scarf (I don't do nuno, but it's still helpful).  I understand that you are the inventor of this machine, correct?  My sincere compliments!  There are few things I love more than clever mechanical invention (daughter of an engineer, here, who had me repairing cars with him as a child, and let me use any and all of his tools!).  I also love that your partner is your muse: what a team!    Leslie  -  USA
Hi Joni and Philip!  I can’t say enough good about my Gentle Roller which has enabled me to keep on felting. I use it for every project that I do- vessels, wall pieces, clothing, accessories. I can have it rolling for me while I work on dyeing or broidering...or having a cup of tea and dessert. I feel very confident about leaving it to do other things, which wasn’t the case with another rolling machine that I had. As time goes on I keep learning more and more new ways to use it. In addition, the customer service is absolutely the
best! Joni and Philip are always willing to help with any problem that comes up. I feel like I’ve made a couple of new felting friends- a nice bonus.    Judith  -  Australia  -  March 2021

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