GR1400 - Gentle Roller 1400 - wet felt rolling machine

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You won't find a better wet felt rolling machine anywhere.

The Gentle Roller is the only felt rolling machine that truly replicates hand rolling with its patented oscillating action.  It gives you consistent felting every time.

Each felt rolling machine comes complete with the all-purpose central drive roller plus three (3) idle rollers.

The  Gentle Roller 1400mm (GR1400) is ideal for those using 48in (120cm) width materials.

The latest Gentle Roller 1400mm wet felt rolling machine offers the following features:  

  • Patented oscillating drive motion.

  • Patented nuanced control over speed, forward and reverse rotations and number of cycles.

  • Patented all-purpose Drive Roller for holding your felt bundle and 3 Idle Rollers for side and top loading.

  • NEW!  Exclusive design aluminium core Idle Roller for greater stiffness and improved roller contact during felting.

  • Patented gravity loaded idle rollers are safe for the user or prying little fingers.

  • Quick flick security lock keeps your Drive Roller or Fulling Drum in place while working.

  • The new multilingual display panel now features 5 languages  - English, French, Spanish, Italian, German.

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  • Limited time - Free - set hook and loop elastic straps (6 straps per set).

  • Discounted Super-soft Drive Roller - please add to cart seperately.  Read here: The Benefits of a Super-soft Drive Roller.

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This model does not include a fulling drum. A fulling drum is highly recommended to complete the fulling of your pre-felt.  Not sure what a fulling drum is?   Read here: What is a Fulling Drum?

If you are a prolific felter, or looking for maximum efficiency when felting, you can add a second drive roller to increase your felting efficiency by up to 100%.   Read here:  The Benefits of Using a Second Drive Roller.  

There are two options for an second or accessory drive roller: While an all-purpose drive roller can do just about anything, a super-soft drive roller is specifically designed for very fine nuno items and heavily textured items.  Read here: The Benefits of a Super-soft Drive Roller.

The Gentle Roller - wet felt rolling machine 


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