Gentle Roller - Ultimate Roller Pack (GR1100FD Ultimate)

The Gentle Roller – Ultimate Roller Pack (GR1100FD Ultimate) starts with:

Plus, we have included:

Plus, as an extra bonus for the felt maker who wants everything:

  • A pair of brand new Soft Feel Idle Rollers.

The new Soft Feel Idle Rollers (set consists of 2 [two] idle rollers for side loading) are made of the same very soft feel polyurethane as the popular Soft Feel Drive Roller. The soft feel material was specifically designed for light weight felts or embellished and textured items as the soft roller does not compress the materials as much as the all-purpose drive roller and idle roller material.

The Soft Feel Idle Rollers in combination with the Soft Feel Drive Roller give superb results when making light weight felt. 

If you want to be the felter who has everything, the Ultimate Roller Gift Pack combination of the Firm Feel Drive Roller, the Standard Idle Rollers, the Soft Feel Drive Roller and the new Soft Feel Idle Rollers will give you maximum opportunity to experiment with the combination of idle rollers and drive roller that works best for you.

The Soft Feel Idle Rollers are included as complementary bonus items.



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