Gentle Roller with Fulling Drum - Intensive All Purpose - wet felt rolling machine

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You won't find a better wet felt rolling machine anywhere.

The Gentle Roller is the only wet felt rolling machine that truly replicates hand rolling with its patented oscillating action.  It gives you consistent felting every time.

The following video shows what is included in the Intensive All Purpose pack:


The Intensive All Purpose model comes complete with 3 Idle Rollers and both the;

  • Firm Feel drive roller (ideal for garments, 3D objects, items with resists, thicker and heavier items), and the

  • Soft Feel drive roller (ideal for lighter weight items like scarves, shawls and textured items) 

Having both firm and soft drive rollers gives you ultimate flexibility and a second drive roller allows you to increase your felting efficiency by up to 100%*. Read here:  The Benefits of Using a Second Drive Roller.

This model comes complete with the unique Fulling Drum:  Highly recomended to complete the fulling of your pre-felt.  Read here: What is a Fulling Drum?

The 1400mm model [shown in all pictures] is ideal for those using 48 inch (120cm) width materials.  The 1100mm model is ideal for those using 36 inch (90cm) width materials.

All Gentle Roller with Fulling Drum - wet felt rolling machines offer the following features:  

  • Oscillating drive motion or one way rotation.    

  • Nuanced control over speed, forward and reverse rotations and number of cycles.

  • The drive roller holds your felt bundle and 3 idle rollers are used for side and top gravity loading.  Safe for the user or prying little fingers.

  • Exclusive design aluminium core idle rollers for greater stiffness and improved roller contact during felting.

  • Unique fulling drum features an eye-pleasing shape plus built in slide locks and finger grips for easier lifting.

  • Quick flick security lock keeps your drive roller or fulling drum in place while working.

  • The multilingual display panel features 5 languages  - English, French, Spanish, Italian, German.

  • High torque, low voltage motor uses only 24 watts average power.  The power pack is suitable, and certified, to use world-wide.

  • Low profile and narrow width, so it's not too bulky in your studio.

The Gentle Roller is easy to use.  Watch the following quick videos to see just how easy it is.



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Gentle Roller with Fulling Drum - wet felt rolling machine


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