Just some of the wonderful feedback we get at The Gentle Roller.


Giselle Burningham I am disabled and have limited use of my hands ... .... this machine is amazing, there is no way I could roll 2000 to 3000 rolls for my artwork. I’m finally able to get back to having fun! This machine is safe, easy to use and quiet. Even my Occupational Therapist recommended it! 10 stars!


ViltKracht Leiden Wonderful to work with! Easy to use, fantastic results. ... Excellent communication from supplier. Received within two weeks in Holland. Thanks GR!


Gabby Van Heerden I am loving my Gentle Roller, it’s beautifully designed and easy to use.... Its sleek design fits perfectly into my studio. It has helped save time and my back and arms. Even better is the amazing after sales support, replies and help comes almost instantly. I also absolutely love the tutorials and video support material. Thanks Phillip and Joni you have created the most amazing felting machine.


Pauline Letham I have had my roller for several weeks and love it.... Easy to use and quiet to run. I have made several simple nuno scarves and a nuno vest which have turned out well. I strongly recommend watching the instructional videos that have been supplied as the hints that Phillip gives are very useful. Highly recommend the gentle roller!


Sharon Spaker I purchased my Gentle Roller when it first came out and added the soft roller later.... It serves me well in all kinds of felting projects. The machine has the capacity to be fine tuned to the most exacting standards. It frees my time to create more. Customer service is excellent and informational support is truly beyond comparison. I have recommended the Gentle Roller to several felters and do so without reserve.


Telena Allport Routh The Gentle Roller is so easy to use, it lets me control every stage of felting... and my arms and shoulders have much less strain. I love exploring different ways of felting using a variety of materials and the Gentle Roller helps me to felt them together effectively. I love using mine!


Cherly Cook I have been a Gentle Roller user since Philip and Joni produced their first batch.... I now have both sizes in my studio so my students can also use them. It has been the best addition to my felting empowering me to create bigger work with ease. I work with alpaca and merino incorporating textiles and texture and the Gentle Roller handles everything making creativity a joy.


Jill Barta Chadek I’m the USA agent for The Gentle Roller but first and foremost I’m a felt maker,... so this had to be a product that I could enthusiastically endorse to other felt makers. I’ve been trying a variety of projects and The Gentle Roller handles them all. I especially love the fulling drum! Ingenious! Live in the US and have questions? Feel free to contact me through my website Merino and Mulberry.


Scarlet Jane Arroyo I have an alpaca farm and wanted to transform my fiber myself,... but knitting, crocheting, weaving and felting on my own takes a long time. The Gentle Roller allows me to multi-task. It also allows me to make bigger projects all while saving my back. It is easy to use and still lets me be as creative as I want. I love it.


Rebekah DeVivo Wonderful people to work with, they answer every question you have ... and the product is superior to any other machine on the market! Plus it took like 5 minutes to put together and is so user friendly


Sheila Thompson I make mainly wall art that is quite light but also has topography.... GR really takes the labour out of rolling the larger pieces and saves my back. I still control all the fine details and refinements. It's like inviting over a dear friend to help out but they do all the work!


Deborah Irvine Investing in the G.R has meant I can continue to create large garments... which had started to become a challenge for me. I get debilitating neck tension headaches after long periods of rolling my work by hand. It also frees me up to plan my next make & the consistency of rolling is fabulous. I highly recommend purchasing one if your body would benefit & certainly if you run a business.


Agnes Terve Very happy with my Gentle Roller, it takes all the hard work away!... Communication with Philip and Joni was smooth and easy and I loved the fact Joni gave me some advice when I struggled at the beginning with my nunofelting 😍 I highly recommend the Gentle Roller to my fellow felters."


More testimonial comments:

I used two layers of commercial prefelt from DHG in Italy for my first felt on the Gentle Roller (three layers for the letters). I wanted to see if the coloured edges distorted in the rolling process. They’ve stayed really crisp and I’m delighted with the results.

Sandra B

… thank you so much for taking care of me and my gentle roller!  I do love it and your customer service is unparalleled!

Michelle J


I started a felting group in Kelowna 3 years ago to inspire others to be more creative in their felting practice. The Gentle Roller is filling a huge gap which will enable those of us with challenged bodies to really be productive.  Thanks for all of your hard work in developing such a user friendly machine.

Violet R

… felted and fulled. The GR is the most beautifully engineered piece of equipment. It is a pleasure to work on and the felt looks just like I was hoping. Can’t wait for more tomorrow. Thanks!

Ruth B

Wonderful people to work with, they answer every question you have and the product is superior to any other machine on the market! Plus it took like 5 minutes to put together and is so user friendly :-)

Rebekah D

I was nervous about buying something from outside the UK particularly from as far away as Australia but buying from you has been a delight. It is refreshing to find such a personal, informative and helpful service.

Julie H

Your support and thoughtfulness to the new user is very much appreciated and the personal touch makes me feel part of a new family of Felters.

Emma J


 … and then my gentle roller (Rolly !) worked its magic ! It is a joy to use.

Julia-Anne C

‘Love this machine you both have done a fabulous job!’

Kristi M

This is such a well designed machine. It handled the large pieces easily with a great finish.

Tracel D

User friendly, great design, love the safe and non industrial material the gentle roller is made of. … and 1st class customer service-Joni and Philip respond in depth to any silly questions from impatient artists ......

Erin W

I am having a wonderfully creative time with my new Gentle Roller. Thank you Philip and Joni for all your hard work.

Cheryl C

Hi Philip & Joni,  Love my rolling machine can’t wait to try and felt some yardage. 

Rob Mc

Looks like you two came up with a winner! Well done!  

Arlene W

I love my gentle roller…    

Jillian F

... promptly went about making a scarf to test it out.  Wasn't disappointed ! Incredibly quiet, easy to use , nice to look at, and the scarf turned out beautiful, one happy camper am I, thank you.

Pauline L

I had a great trip with the gentle roller everyone loved it. … I set the machine up in (the) classroom and I think the quiet of it surprised everyone … It is a wonderful tool!

Kristi F


By way of congratulations … it is a very good design.  My best wishes and thanks again for your positive response and information.

Judith Mck