The 2019 Gentle Roller has a modular construction consisting of three cartons:

  • the motor control housing,

  • the fulling drum (if selected) and

  • the roller assembly.

This makes it easier and safer to transport to you.

The 1100mm roller is ideal for those using 36in (90cm) width materials or smaller items or garments.  

The 1400mm roller is ideal if you want to work with the full width of a 45 inch (120cm) wide fabric or larger garments.

If you already own an 1100mm Gentle Roller and decide to take on wider fabrics necessitating a 1400mm roller you can purchase a full second machine, but you don't need to.  Save by simply purchasing a 1400mm roller assembly (without motor) and connect it to your existing motor and control housing when you want to use it. 

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