Having a mechanical issue with your Gentle Roller?

Very occasionally owners have a mechanical issue with their GR.  It might be that it stopped rotating or maybe the screen shuts off or there is a noise from the motor.  Owners will try and describe the problem but it is often difficult for us to understand the issue without seeing it.  This is a simple guide to sharing your problem with us so we can quickly focus in on what could be causing the problem.

1) We really need a video of the important areas:

Nearly everyone has a video camera in their telephone.  Just point it (or have someone else point it) at this area.  It is usually all we need to see.

In particular we are looking for (a) the relationship between the motor housing and the roller end plate, 


(b) the relationship between the aluminium hex drive and the roller end plate,


and of course (c) the display panel and (d) the rollers, all of which are clearly discernable in this field of vision.


2) When you take your video describe what steps you take and what the problem is that you are seeing, hearing or experiencing.   

Use this video as a guide for taking your own video:

Of course, if you think the issue is in a particular location you can move the camera toward it but preferable on a second run through; let us see the full picture first.


 3)  Reduce the video file size (optional)

Your video file probably will be large.  You can usually reduce it to ??? x 540 with no loss of quality if you know how to use a file compressor software which can be found free on the internet.


4) Share the video with us.

Use your own dropbox or a free online file transfer option like www.wetransfer.com to share the video with us.  Of course, tell us anything else that you think will help describe your issue.

That it.

There are very few things that can go wrong with your GR - it was designed with simplicity and ease of repair in mind.  Usually with a good video we can determine the likely cause quite quickly and get you up and running in no time.












Especially if taken in 1980 x 1020 size.