Gentle Roller Price Transparency

We occasionally see comments that the Gentle Roller is expensive.  Unfortunately a significant amount of the final price is out of our control and is not reflective of the 'cost' of the Gentle Roller.  
Other companies only show the base price in their advertising and other costs are added at the check-out.  On this basis, The Gentle Roller wet felt rolling machine is only $AU1340/$US1010 for the 1100 model and $AU1500/$US1100 for the 1400 model.  This is a very reasonable price - the expensive component is the cost to get it delivered and paid for - and these add-on costs are not insignificant.
As our check-out only shows the final pricing of The Gentle Roller we thought that in the interest of transparency we would explain where your payment goes.
When you are considering this, please note that when we offer discounts and specials, the third party add-on costs remain virtually unchanged and the discount comes directly from The Gentle Roller.
 Note: ^^^Bank Fees and Charges can usually be avoided by paying via direct deposit to our bank account ILO credit card.   Ask for details.
As you can see, a significant portion of your payment is not revenue for us, but a cost that is added to the Gentle Roller in the process of making this great machine available to you.
(Cost reflective of October 1, 2021.  Subject to rounding.)

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