Efficiency & Consistency

The Gentle Roller uses a unique 'drive roller' configuration.
With your felting bundle wrapped securly around the Gentle Roller drive roller you gain maximum efficiency of your felting process.
Typical triangular rolling machines place the felt bundle against the powered roller.  But if the power is too high, the pressure screws too tight or too loose, the felt bundle can just slip against the powered roller.  In some cases the felt bundle can even be ejected from the rolling machine.
With the Gentle Roller, there is no slippage.  If the drive roller does one cycle, the fabric does one cycle as it is part of the drive system.  And your felt can't be ejected.
(Drive roller between two idle rollers)
The Gentle Roller’s unique oscillating motion replicates hand rolling and the natural agitation this forward-backward motion creates.  You won't find this on other felt making machines.
And since The Gentle Roller doesnt tire out as the day wears on, it is much more efficient, effective and consistent than most felt makers can achieve.