2. Hex Drive and Motor Assembly

Getting the motor connected to the roller assembly is one of the most critical assembly operations.  Do it wrong and your motor will be under stress.  Over time, your hex drive will grind on the back and you may find a pile of aluminium filings in your tray and at worst, a broken motor shaft (don't panic too much - we've made all parts easily replaceable if something does go wrong).  Do it right and your motor will run smooth as silk and you'll be trouble free.

The V6 Gentle Roller (post Aug 2023) has a much-improved assembly and is included in the Section 1 - Assembling Your Gentle Roller video.

This page is relevant to those with a V4 or V5 Gentle Roller and describes a careful approach to getting the best assembly possible.

In these videos we have an in depth look at how to attach the motor to the roller assembly and locate the hex drive onto the motor drive shaft.  

Key Notes for this video:  Little by little to catch the monkey.  

Key Information on this video:   Attaching the motor to the end plate, locating your hex drive.



Key Notes for this video:  A few words about maintenance.

Key Information on this video:   Maintaining your hex drive.


The Gentle Roller wet felt rolling machine

The Gentle Roller wet felting machine