1. All About - Assembling Your Gentle Roller

Learn how to unpack and assemble your Gentle Roller and all about the key components.  We do have a written Owner's Manual is divided into three downloadable documents.
It is not necessary to download Part 1 as this is also covered in video format below which most users find easier to use.  However, it is highly recommended that you download and read Parts 2 and 3.  These contain valuable information and tips and you will definitely gain more understanding of your Gentle Roller if you read these resources first.
Part 1:   Setting up your Gentle Roller pdf
Part 2:   Key Components of your Gentle Roller pdf
Part 3:   Comprehensive User Guide pdf
And when your are starting here is a bonus page just for good measure:
When the gods are against me!

Key Notes for this video:  It was recorded in 2019.  Some minor packaging changes have been made so your NEW GR will be marginally different.  
At the 25 minute mark I assemble the motor housing and hex drive - I recommend that you watch the alternative assembly methods on Page 2.  All About -  Hex Drive and Motor Assembly.
Key Information on this video:   Unpacking, Assembly
We apologize for all the packaging involved.  We've kept it to a minimum bearing in mind that your Gentle Roller has probably travelled half way around the world, seen the back of at least 4 trucks and between 2 and 6 cargo flights and been handled by up to 16 different baggage handlers.    

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