6. Gentle Roller with Fulling Drum - plus Soft Feel Drive Roller (GR1400FD+SF)

The Gentle Roller with Fulling Drum plus Soft Feel Drive Roller (GR1400FD+SF) is the first of our value packs and this 1400 model is by far the most popular Gentle Roller combination.

GR1400FD - Gentle Roller with Fulling Drum

Ideal for those using up to 48 inch (120cm) width materials.  With all the standard Gentle Roller features:

This comes complete with;

    • 3 idle rollers (note: photo shows only the 2 side idle roller) plus,

    • a firm feel drive roller,

    • a set of six accessory velcro straps for holding larger bundles.

Plus this model features the unique Gentle Roller Fulling Drum with three accessory fulling bags.

The fulling drum features an eye-pleasing shape, a large 'barn door' opening, plus built in slide locks and finger grips for easier lifting.  Highly recommended to complete the fulling of your pre-felt.  Read here: What is a Fulling Drum?


Soft Feel Drive Roller

Plus this model includes the very popular Soft Feel Drive Roller.  The softness of the polyurethane compound provides a cushioning effect under the felt bundle and gently increases the agitation of the fibres thus aiding the felting process.  (Please read The Benefits of a Soft Feel Drive Roller)

Purchasing the soft feel drive roller at the same time as your Gentle Roller saves you money as we can pass on the freight savings.


Read the summary page for all the Gentle Roller features.

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