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The Gentle Roller Collection

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98% of orders are delivered within 15 working days anywhere in the world. Usually 8-10 days for UK, USA, Aust, Canada. The prices you see include the cost of air freight* to your door. Price excludes VAT.

Your Gentle Roller is easy to use, and all owners get access to an owner's manual in 3 parts, the Exclusive Content page with over 30 demonstration and tutorial style videos, theGentle Roller Blogpage for more tips and tricks and the Facebook User Group.

* some remote areas attract a small premium

How the Gentle Roller differs from other rolling machines: 

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  • Other rolling machines only roll to pre-felt stage.  This is what the basic Gentle Roller does.  You still have to full by hand.

  • The Gentle Roller features a fulling drum ideal for gently fulling your item to completion.   You could use your 1500W clothes dryer, but you don't want the garment to dry out, you want it to full.  And why bother with other not-for-function household appliances when there is a purpose built 24W machine in your studio.

  • Other rolling machines use only a fixed hard surface.  With the Gentle Roller the softer PU surface is more accommodating, and the accessory soft feel drive roller is great for keeping embellishments in place on those delicate items.

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The difference between a V6 model (2023) and a V5 model (2021) Gentle Roller: 

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  • The V6 roller housing is approximately 3.5kg lighter than the V5 saving freight costs for everyone,

  • the new 'slim line' V6 motor housing is 4cm narrower than the V5, saving material, packaging and freight costs,

  • the V6 has 2 sets of velcro straps and 2 re-sized fulling bags (depending on model) while the V5 has one set of velcro straps and 2 or 3 fulling bags (depending on model)

  • the V6 has a new "cool mint" colourway compared to the V5 "warm blue" colourway. All other features remain the same between models.

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