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Philip Coates' - Fulling Drum Only Shoulder Bag

Philip Coates' - Fulling Drum Only Shoulder Bag

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By Philp Coates

The purpose of this project is not to show you a superb shoulder bag as I am neither a designer nor colourist and I envy those felt makers who have an eye for combining colours and materials. I consider myself an ‘experimental’ felt maker, always trying things at the margins – like rolling a 20kg/40lbs wet fleece that I could hardly lift (not recommended); or finding a way to felt human hair as a project for Sustainable Salons, a salon resource recovery program (yes, it’s possible to felt and useful environmental product for cleaning oil spills!).

This project is to introduce an alternative process for felt makers to consider when making awkward to roll items. I’ve also used the same process to make a small nuno-silk purse, too small to put on the drive roller but easy to put on a small piece of pool noodle.

I also hope it is an eye opener for you to experiment with other projects and consider alternate ways to use your Gentle Roller.

Gentle Roller or Generic Instruction: Specific Gentle Roller instruction.

Includes PDF Instruction: YES.  Document with 27 photos.

Includes Video: No.

Degree of difficulty (1 Easy -10 Very difficult): 4-6