Philip and Joni's - Large Sheep Fleece Rug

By Philp Coates and Joni Cornell

This tutorial is a comprehensive how-to-guide that also contains video footage of all the key steps in the making of this beautiful sheep fleece rug.

The video is mostly recorded in fast motion and are only 2-4 minutes in duration so you won't have time to get bored. And they a great way to support and reinforce the text and guide you along.

This project is only recommended for those ready to tackle a very heavy and quite wet project that takes a few days to complete and around a week’s worth of finishing (while watching TV).  But it does make for a beautiful rug and our Labrador, Maude, simply loves to lay on it at the foot of our bed.

Gentle Roller or Generic Instruction: Specific Gentle Roller instruction but can be adapted by anyone with sound felting and fulling skills.

Includes PDF Instruction: YES.  Document with 20 photos.

Includes Video: Yes. With 7 videos

Degree of difficulty (1 Easy -10 Very difficult): 7-8

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